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Additional Training: Be Part of the MIPO Journey

By making MIPO resources free and open source that can be easily embedded into organizations, we want to play a part in making all workplaces menopause friendly.


However, some organization's might find additional support useful in implementing their strategy into workplace practice. Others might want to be part of ongoing research to continue to develop best practice menopause support in the workplace


We are interested in working collaboratively with organizations to help develop menopause support best practice for today's workplace through research projects.



Out research projects focus on three principles that underline MIPO:


  • Providing information and tips for training your leaders and line managers to be menopause-savvy

  • Creating working environments that are menopause-friendly in which women can thrive and easily access the support they need

  • Encouraging the development of menopause-sensitive organizational policies and practices



Interested in being part of the MIPO collaboration? For more information, contact the team on the information at the bottom right-hand side of the page.





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